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Welcome to KidzillaFun

Meet the Talent Behind the Fun



Dance Instructor

Hello! I'm the dance instructor at Kidzillafun summer camp. With a BFA in contemporary dance from Concordia University, I'm here to lead your kids on an exciting dance journey!

Our classes nurture natural movement, boost confidence, and ensure a ton of fun. From rhythm to stretching, it's all about dancing, laughing, and growing confidence. Join us for a dance-filled, laughter-packed experience!



Karate Teacher

Hello, I'm Wadi, the friendly karate instructor at Kidzillafun day camp! Join our exciting Lasalle karate class where we learn the art of self-defense while enhancing coordination, self-discipline, and confidence. Our classes kick off with fun warm-up exercises that improve balance and strength. Then, we dive into karate techniques that boost focus, memory skills, and reflexes. Come join us in the heart of ville Lasalle, Montreal for a fantastic karate experience!



Arts Teacher

Hello there! I'm the art teacher at Kidzillafun summer camp. With a BFA in studio arts from Concordia University, I'm excited to ignite your kids' creative sparks!

In our guided ART classes, we provide the tools for your children to embrace their unique creativity through exciting art activities. From exploration to problem-solving, we're all about building a creative community where fun is the name of the game!

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Sammi Liao

Kpop Teacher

I'm Sammi Liao, a dance lover and graduate of Sainte-Anne's dance program. I'm thrilled to be part of a dance troupe and an active Kpop group, and I absolutely adore working with kids. As a camp counselor and dance teacher for three years, and now in my second year teaching Kpop, I bring 15 years of dance experience, including intensive ballet and contemporary training, along with jazz and hip-hop. My Kpop journey began three years ago – let's dance together!

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